Year: 2017

Spring Clean

Time for a Spring Clean?

If your last few months have been anything like ours, you may have spent the winter months in hibernation moving too little and indulging just a little too much. A bad flu season has provided excuses for more nights on the couch and less time training or being outdoors. Winter menu’s also tend to me […]


Superfoods v Super Foods

I was walking around the Noosa Farmers Markets a few weeks ago and shared a smoothie purchased from one of the stands. I hadn’t realised until after that this was a ‘Superfood Smoothie consisting of a number of items, one of which was Maca Root Powder. Magazines articles, social media and the like have driven […]


Fuel Your Workout

As a Personal Trainer, one of the most common questions I was asked by my clients was “What do I eat before a workout to get the most out of training?” Back in the day, prior to my knowledge and research regarding the impact of grains and sugars on our bodies, I would recommend the […]


Fuel Your Recovery

Post workout nutrition has three basic purposes – to replenish glycogen stores, to decrease protein breakdown and increase protein synthesis. In simple terms this means that we are looking to replenish energy, increase muscle and repair damage done during the workout. Yep, that’s right – damage done during the workout! This is a principle that […]