Olympic Lifting Workshops

CrossFit Logic Olympic Lifting Workshop is 2.5 hours to get focused & go deeper than a chinese olympian squat, to improve your technique and take your lifting to the next level!

Head Coach Steve Stockley, Queensland national Olympic Lifting team member and CrossFit Games Coach, along with Coach Em Crawford Power Lifting competitor, pull together over 10 years of experience as Coaches & Athletes for this in depth workshop.

Each participate will re-learn all aspects of the lifts in a way that will make sense, give fresh perspective in a fun and practical workshop.

The BEGINNER lifter will learn the correct technique as a solid foundation.
The INTERMEDIATE lifter will also learn fault correction for any areas of their lifts they can improved on.
The ADVANCED lifter will also learn exercises that will improve their max. lifts and create a deeper understanding of biomechanics and lever lengths, which will improve their performance overall.

All athletes, gym junkies, CrossFit connoisseurs, cardio queens and power lifting punks are welcome to join us!
$40 Non Members
$20 CrossFit Logic Members

Limited to 20 spots, please register by emailing us at