Meal Preparation – The 6 P’s!


Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

As we have written about before at Logic Health and Nutrition, you can’t out-train a bad diet and your nutrition is just as crucial to your strength and fitness as your daily WOD’s.

A key part of a healthy eating lifestyle is planning! One thing I can guarantee you is that a good food prep plan will make your week a whole lot easier. We find that the best time to get stuck in to food prep is on a lazy Sunday afternoon to make you sure you have a bunch of healthy, fresh and tasty meals for the week ahead. Good planning also allows us to ensure that we have the macro-nutrients (Protein, Healthy Carbs and Good Fats) covered in each meal to set us up to have balanced blood sugar levels and optimal energy levels throughout the day.

A great place to start is by prepping your breakfasts and lunches about 4 days head. Check out some suggestions below of easy meals that you can easily prepare ahead of time, ready to grab as you run out the door on your way to work

Breaking The Fast

A great option for a well-rounded meal that you can make up ahead of time is Sarah Wilson’s Breakfast Casserole, recipe found here

This meal includes good quality protein in the eggs and meat. I would also recommend mixing up the meat and replacing with lean mince or diced chicken for some variation. Vegies for breakfast? Yep – great way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake. Again, I would suggest mixing up the vegetable options and throwing in some green beans, diced eggplant and capsicum for more flavour and a wider range of nutrients.

Follow your breaky casserole with a few strawberries to increase the carb content and get some skin loving biotin in to your morning!

For those that prefer to graze through their breakfast, get prepped by throwing the following in to lunch bags and having in the fridge, ready to grab on the way out the door:

  • 1-2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 100g ham or diced chicken breast
  • Handful of almonds and cashews
  • 1 banana

If, like me, you don’t always have a large appetite first thing in the morning, you can still get your body fuelled ready for the day with a nutritious Breakfast Smoothie. I get mine prepped by throwing the following in to a lunch bag and keeping in the fridge, ready to throw in to a blender with coconut water. Add 2 tbs of collagen hydrolysate powder for the extra protein and gut healing benefits, this type of collagen doesn’t gel and you won’t even notice it in your smoothie!

  • 3 diced strawberries
  • Small handful of blueberries
  • ½ avocado
  • Handful of spinach

Lunch Breaks

Cauliflower Special Fried Rice – this one can be whatever you decide to make it. Use finely diced cauliflower as the base, include healthy lean protein such as diced chicken breast, pork or beef stir-fry strips and plenty of varied vegies for extra flavour and nutrition.

I usually make up a batch that lasts two of us about 4 days and diced chicken, bacon, peas, corn, grated carrot, diced capsicum and spring onions. I use the pre-prepped cauliflower and broccoli base from coles to make the job even easier and include a bigger variety of vegetables

Once it’s all cooked up in a wok, add some flavour with soy sauce, kecap manis or sweet chilli sauce for a flavour hit!

Bone Broth with lean meat and leftover vegetables is another great way to get some extra gut healing nutrition in to your day. You can make your own bone broth ahead of time, Sarah Wilson has a great recipe here

Otherwise, you can buy pre-prepared bone broths from most health food shops these days which will make it even easier.

Throw some leftover vegies from the previous night’s dinner and a palm sized amount of healthy lean meat such as diced roast chicken breast, deli roast beef or whatever you have left-over from the night before in to a container. Take the bone broth with you to work, heat up in the microwave and pop the meat and veg in for a delicious and easy lunch.

You also can’t go wrong with a healthy fresh salad for lunch. To fuel your afternoon and make sure you get through the afternoon slump, make sure you include plenty of lean protein and healthy fats.

You can get the salad base (leafy greens, other salad items and vegies) prepped about 3 days ahead to make sure it stays fresh, have your protein sources prepped ahead and in containers to make it easy to put together in the morning and then add the extra’s such as avocado, cheese or nuts and you are ready to go. I haven’t included any amounts or measurements as it will vary for different people, just make sure you include mainly green leafy salad bases, palm sized amount of protein and smaller amount of the fat component (avo, cheese, nuts). Some ideas below

  • Spinach, diced roast pumpkin, roasted beetroot cubes, diced chicken breast, handful slivered almonds and crumbled fetta
  • Rocket, watercress, sugar-snap peas (halved), mint, cannellini beans and avocado
  • Kale (roughly chopped), grated carrot, grated purple cabbage, corn, hard-boiled eggs, toasted flaked almond and Persian fetta

For an easy, healthy and delicious week, make sure you set aside some time on Sunday arvo to get yourself organised and I guarantee you will feel better for it!