Saturday 190705

CrossFit Logic – CrossFit

Plank Relay Warm Up (No Measure)

400m Run

2 Teams

3 Rounds of

In plank – walk sideways 7m

Touch each Post 4 times – Alt hands

*Crab walk back to start

*next person starts when person infront reaches 3rd Post

*10 burpees for losing team

Metcon (Calories)

2 Teams

25min AMCAP

Row for Calories

* Buy In – Bar Muscle Ups x team members

* Buy Out – Wall Balls Partnered 10/5kg x 3 team members

* EMOM change rowers

Scale: BMU> 2 x Strict Pull Ups> 2 x Assisted Pull Ups, Wall Balls> Situps Partnered.