Terms & Conditions

1. Payment
We accept payment via DIRECT DEBIT, cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT). For monthly members direct debit is required as we have found this to be the simplest method for both parties.  Direct debits can be setup by filling out the form online.  You will need your BSB and account number or credit card, transaction fees apply, see 1.1 below. (At CrossFit Logic we are currently using the services of EziDebit, which is a trusted and secure form of payment.)

1.1 Direct Debit 
Direct Debit does not lock you into a contract and can be cancelled at any time. Our Direct Debit provider is Ezidebit Pty. Ltd. please see below for their fee’s, terms & conditions.

  • Direct Debit date: Process date is the day of your first class and is scheduled monthly on that date until it is cancelled.
  • Transaction fee: paid by the member
  • Bank Account fee: 99c
  • Credit Card Mastercard & Visa fee: 2.5%, minimum of 99c.
  • Payment Failure due to Insufficient Funds: $21.90, followed by auto retry of Debit after 3 days, payment failure again will incur another failure fee, after second failure membership is cancelled.
  • Single Payment: 55c per payment.

Please talk to staff of CrossFit Logic if you have any  queries.

1.2 Cancellations
Cancellations of Direct Debit and membership can be done at any time, there is NO cancellation period! Your membership will be active until the end of the paid month. You can re-start anytime, however a Re-start fee will apply, see 1.4 below.

* To stop the Direct Debit and Membership, request a CFL cancellation form by emailing admin@crossfitlogic.com.au,  the form must be completed, signed and returned by reply email. Emails are checked between 12pm & 4pm business days, please allow 24 hours for response if outside of these hours. 

1.3 Holds
None – if you want to stop paying for your membership while you are away, you will need to cancel your membership and then restart when you return which will incur a re-start fee, see below.

1.4 Start / Re-start Fee

To start the CrossFit Unlimted Membership and CFL 10 Pass Membership a $20 setup fee is charged + $5:50 Ezidbit fee.

Previous CrossFit Logic members do not need to pay the Ezidebit Fee, that is a once off fee only.

1.6 Contracts

We do not offer contracts or sign you up to a contract.

1.7 Discounts

We do not offer discounts, its cheap enough!

1.8 FIFO

Best practice is to cancel membership while away at work or buy a 10 Pass Membership.

1.9 Refunds

We do not offer refunds, please commit to your training and put your money where your mouth is!

 1.10 Membership Termination
CrossFit Logic reserves the rights to refuse or terminate/cancel membership at any time without notice.

We have a zero tolerance on d@#kheads, possers, wankers & f@#kwits, please do not be offended if you are asked to leave due to your behaviour. Remember its a CrossFit gym, not the CrossFit Games!